Freelance Fashion Graphic Designer, focusing on illustration, print and pattern design, colour, trends, and all things beautifully creative.

Designing within the fashion industry for 7 years, my work focuses on being adaptable and unique to suit different briefs. On this site you will find a selection of my artwork for a variation of clients, and things that I find inspirational in everyday life.

For commissions, feel free to get in touch.


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    They’re in! #ttowel illustrations for the #nationaltrust #rosedarling #chough #lizardpoint

    Yes! The buzzy bee range we designed for #frugi thanks lozza!!!! Come on Gary! @loz_lar #treats

    This one is finished now….watch out for this down at the lizard peninsula! #bird #drawing achy hand

    Ah, clever husband.  Boex have designed a new product for their range - a set of bespoke hand turned pendant wooden lights in timber.  Really beautiful, hoping to thieve one for our house!

    Don’t usually do self initiated projects but have half a day off soooo I’m doing one?! #flowers #watercolours #birds

    Kevin McCloud, Supersized Salvage - Harry Dwyer

    My other half’s cousin has been working on a channel 4 series in the past year for Kevin McCloud’s upcycling Channel4 programme, Kevin’s Supersize Salvage.

    As a result of the show they have set up this lovely website continuing to make their products from the decommissioned aircrafts.  Here are our favorites, good work Harry and Charlie! xx

    Ah there he is!

    Don’t wear much makeup so couldn’t resist this in the office today, here’s my bear-faced selfie today for Cancer awareness.  Apart from the bad press its a good cause and showing exactly how well social media works with the right campaign (even if they didn’t come up with it!)  Text BEAT to 70099 to donate £3 and do what we can to make a difference.


    Its looming upon us! Yes its Valentines here again. Been trying to upgrade my website to post them on there but its not playing ball with me today.  Last year I was commissioned to produce a set of valentines images based on a variation of different styles, all artwork is available via Stylesight.

    The start of painting today for a billboard :) #inks #couple

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